The Domaine


Nestled on a magnificent wild and protected peninsula which combines, scrubland , saltmarshes and vineyards, Château de l’Ille extends over the foothills of Peyriac-de-Mer a small fishing village in Languedoc Roussillon, south of Narbonne.

A priviliged place that exposes the vineyard to the Mediterranean and allows it thus to benefit from a microclimate favourable to the optimum ripening of the grapes. The latter are picked at the peak of maturity, for the most part manually and then transported to the cellar.

There, in a modern winery (which makes temperature control possible), they will benefit from traditional vinification with carbonic maceration for the noble red varieties and thermovinification for whites and rosés.

It is thanks to all this that the terroir produces wines of great richness under the appellation Corbières!

The soils (clay-limestone and stony terraces) are subject to a very temperate climate due to the influence of the sea.


Since 2008, the vineyard has belonged to Henri Joubaud , a local figure, who went to Paris where he was an executive manager within the Canal Plus group. His history with the wine world goes back well over a decade since, thanks to his parents, he already possessed 26 hectares in Peyriac-de-Mer.

25 hectares

Now at the head of sixty hectares, twenty-five of which are in conversion to organic farming, Mr. Joubaud relies on a team of enthusiastic experts, led by Pol Flandroy a well known authority in the world of wine, who is always happy to welcome you in this unique site of Château de l’Ille.

Tour & tasting
In his company you will taste our wines and hear about the great shift we are making towards organic farming.
Distance Selling
If you live too far from the Aude, you can always order our bottles. They are a reflection of our history …

The 25 hectares of vines have several variety of grapes :bourboulenc (malvasia, rolle vermentino, chardonnay for the whites and for the reds, carignan, grenache noir, syrah and mourvèdre.

Our priority is the quality of the harvest, so the average yield is 40 hectoliters per hectare, the maximum variation being 5 hectoliters, depending on the grape variety.

The vines are worked according to the precepts of organic farming.

When possible, three ploughings are carried out per year.

The vines are planted 2 metres by 1 metre to obtain a greater concentration of colour and tannins.

The soils (clay-limestone and stony terraces) are subject to a very temperate climate due to the influence of the sea.

The old vines are harvested by hand. The grapes are placed in whole bunches (carbonic maceration) in the vats.

The rest is harvested by machine; this machine is equipped with a ginner, which prevents all the debris from the vine (petioles, leaves, stems, dead stumps) from being washed into the juice of the grape.

The Chai

In its vineyard in Peyriac-de-Mer, Château de l’Ille has an underground barrel cellar, directly dug into the rock!

It houses 120 barrels, 35% of which are new, made in French and American oak.

In there, some of our vintages (“Louis” and “Andréas” – the most prestigious), achieve their full development between eight and fifteen months.

They are displayed in their elegant bottles, ready for you to order on this site.


Low temperature fermentation is used for whites and rosé. Then they are matured on lees for 3 months. The reds are in closed vats for whole bunch fermentations and for the other red wines, a 3-week fermentation and maceration is required with a relief every 3 days. Some of the Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache Noirs are matured in barrels to make the Louis and Andréas wines.

Behind every great vineyard, there is a man.

At Château de l’Ille the man is Pol Flandroy, a passionate winegrower, in love with his profession, who, since 1983, has never stopped perfecting the quality of the estate’s wines to make what it has become today: a reference throughout France!

Thanks to him (and his team), Château de l’Ille collects awards (to such an extent that its wines are among the most awarded in Languedoc-Roussillon and Occitanie)!


21 medals including 6 gold.

10 medals including 2 Grand Prix of Excellence.

26 medals including 10 gold.

2 heartbeats.